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Rejuvenation: What Restores You?

Monday, November 9, 2015
Written by:
Christy Johnson, Ph.D.
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As part of my guest host duties for yesterday’s #spiritchat Twitter chat, I wrote this blog post as the cover post. Here I’ve included the questions I asked and some post-chat musings.

Energetic imbalance drives the need for rejuvenation. Excess energy can lead to physical pain or mental/emotional overwhelm. Insufficient energy and movement may manifest as numbness at the physical level or as stagnation and “stuckness” at the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. How do you create a life with a sustainable balance of movement and stillness, speech and silence, growth and dormancy, giving and receiving, doing and being? At times you may need to counteract your own habitual tendencies to invite this internal harmony. Presumably along the way you have discovered or developed rejuvenating activities, rituals, and practices to support you on your spiritual path.

Ovid said, “What is without periods of rest will not endure.” Growth and movement naturally cycle into and out of life. To expect continuous improvement as a person or soul perpetuates a form of depleting violence (remember the recent #spiritchat topic of non-violence?), sometimes leading to exhaustion or illness. At the very least it can rob you of pleasure, enjoyment, playfulness, as well as your sense of wonder and divine connection.

Whenever you rejuvenate yourself either by dropping or adding activities, you receive fresh energy to renew your enthusiasm for life. Anne Frank touched upon many forms of rejuvenation when she wrote, “The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be.”

Although most spiritual teachers point to worship, silence, and nature as rejuvenating, what feels most regenerative reflects your individual spiritual alignment and needs at the time. Giving yourself permission to rejuvenate replenishes your reserves of love, compassion, and resilience; a bountiful spiritual return on investment. How do you welcome the spirit of rejuvenation into your life?

I posed the following questions in the chat. 

Q1: When you consider rejuvenation, what feeling or image arises?

Q2: What clues indicate a need for rejuvenation?

Q3: Helen Hayes said, “If you rest, you rust.” Does this apply spiritually?

Q4: Do you find doing or being more spiritually rejuvenating?

Q5: What do you find instantly rejuvenating?

Q6: How do you maintain your day-to-day (spiritual) rejuvenation?

Q7: Can you rejuvenate too much?

Q8: What would you recommend to someone needing spiritual rejuvenation?

Q9: How might a (spiritual) community rejuvenate?

Q10: What extra spiritual rejuvenation might you choose this week?

The chat reminded me what you focus on grows. When you intentionally prioritize spiritual rejuvenation, you rearrange your life around what energizes you and what supports your soul’s evolution. Making rejuvenation practices such as meditation or yoga a habit instead deciding in the moment builds a solid foundation to weather life’s ups and downs.


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