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Invite Support By Asking For What You Want

Tuesday, March 22, 2016
Written by:
Christy Johnson, Ph.D.
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“Support: Stay connected and let others in. Widen your channel of receiving and giving. Reach out with encouragement and be versatile and timely in your resourcefulness.”*

Many of my readers and clients learned to prioritize others over themselves. Even when offered assistance they may decline it, feeling they must sacrifice for the “greater good.” Yet sacrifice and greater good oppose each other. Getting what you need to thrive and thus shine your magnificent light and love to the world strengthens your potential impact on everyone you encounter. Plus you give others a gift when you allow them to help you.

Direct asking declares to other people and the universe what support you want.

Enormous empowerment and momentum emanate from direct requests for support. While you may not get exactly what you seek, expressing yourself allows you to lean into what you want while you embrace your own worthiness. Always ask for what you do want to reduce resistance to what you don’t. For example, a focus on “I want to feel good” rather than “I don’t want this pain any more” strengthens both your resolve and your self-kindness. Aligned attention and intention amplify each other.

Ask yourself for support as well.

When you align to yourself, you can connect to your internal Fairy Godmother, your inner benevolence and bestower of goodness. Often what you want lies within reach once your energetic interference dissipates. If you would treat a good friend better than you treat yourself, break ties with any internal voice who doesn’t feel like a true friend. Self-criticism and self-denial alienate you from yourself and from everyone else, distancing you from available support.

Do you find it difficult to directly ask for support? What happens when you do?

I invite you to schedule a session if you could use additional support now. A fresh perspective and approach could shift everything for you.

*Support quote from The Original Angel Cards Book by Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake.


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