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Christy Johnson, Ph.D.

My journey keeps propelling my evolution. Now I can help you transform via the power and possibility embedded in your personal challenges.

The Story of My Healing and Transformation

I learned as a child how to please, look good, and achieve. My family as well as our university community valued intellect. I became competitive, sought external validation, and avoided criticism. In hindsight, I realize I always struggled to feel adequate.


I opted for a B.S. in Chemical Engineering at Purdue University because I excelled in math and science. Despite my aptitude, I struggled with the coursework. Alternating semesters between school and work at IBM as a co-op student gave me much needed academic breaks.


Still craving validation, I pushed myself through a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at University of Michigan. Receiving a fellowship, half grant and half forgivable loan, gave me incentive to finish since I wanted to avoid incurring the loan debt. After my doctorate, I returned to IBM, moving from job to job, seeking satisfaction, eventually choosing an analytical lab position that held my interest for a while.


My job evolved over the years, becoming less challenging and engaging. I complained about IBM a lot, not wanting to stay but not finding a more attractive alternative. Our financial advisor at the time suggested I ask the universe for a change by the end of March 2007. After learning she meant “Ask the universe” and not “Ask your manager,” I followed her strange suggestion. To my surprise, intuitive healing abilities surfaced a few days later. I had no healing training or awareness that such healing existed, and I didn’t even believe in a higher power at the time.


I continued developing and exploring my intuitive healing for the next couple years but couldn’t quite give myself permission to quit IBM. Then I learned about Jin Shin Jyutsu, a healing art rediscovered in Japan. I loved it! I certified as a practitioner within a year and quit IBM two weeks later.


Struggling with binge eating which surfaced at IBM and didn’t resolve after I quit, I discovered The Center for Akashic Studies where I had a powerful reading with founder Linda Howe. A few weeks later I took her How To Read The Akashic Records course in New Orleans, certifying as an Akashic Records practitioner. Within about a week I realized I’d read the records lifetime after lifetime. It felt natural and easy. I became an Advanced Certified Teacher a year later.


Yet my binge eating persisted. During my Akashic Records teacher training year, I discovered I was dangerously underweight, despite consuming massive quantities of calories.  I learned I had an advanced case of celiac disease, a small intestine autoimmune disorder. I was literally starving because I couldn’t absorb nutrients. I slowly regained my health and weight following the mandatory gluten-free diet.


After other major life events unearthed hidden shame, rage, and perfectionism, I enrolled in the Energy Healing Institute’s Embodied Energy System practitioner program, learning to work with chakras and auras to evolve emotions, patterns, beliefs, and behaviors.


Via my own pain and subsequent healing, I more consistently accept who I am, how I am, and what life brings me. I would love to help you find relief, empowerment, and soul level harmony through your relationship to yourself, others, and your present challenges. I invite you to sign up for a session or to contact me if you have questions about my work. Best wishes to you as you navigate your soul journey!


  • Embodied Energy System Practitioner via The Energy Healing Institute
  • Advanced Certified Akashic Records Teacher via The Center for Akashic Studies founded by Dr. Linda Howe
  • Certified Akashic Records Consultant
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu® Practitioner
  • Intuitive Healer

Education and Work Experience:

  • IBM engineer from 1990 to 2010
  • Chemical Engineering M.S.E. and Ph.D. (University of Michigan)
  • Chemical Engineering B.S.E. (Purdue University)
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a typical Energy Quartet session go?

We open with a 45 minute or so Akashic Records consultation. The revealed themes, patterns, and disharmonies drive the table work in conjunction with your "pulses," body reading, and my intuitive insights. A follow-up e-mail documents what occurs during the energy work and includes customized self-helps.

What should I wear to receive table work?

In this work, you remain fully clothed. Just wear whatever will feel comfortable while lying on my massage table. If it's a remote session, I'll ask you to rest while I send energy.

How do I prepare for a session?

Please consider the personal or interpersonal disharmony that led you to me and how you would like it to shift. During the session, we'll explore and address the origins and drivers of each "project."

Are the Akashic Records predictive?

No, the records aren’t a good resource for predictions. If there’s something you hope will happen, the records might reveal a series of necessary steps to reach your desired outcome but not the timing. For predictions, please consult a good psychic or astrologer!

Why can't children receive Akashic Records consultations?

Minors are under their parents' legal and energetic jurisdiction until they are 18, regardless of their maturity level.


The greatest benefit occurs when I incorporate all four modalities I practice. The option without the Akashic Records is appropriate for children under 18 who cannot receive readings. A stand-alone reading can bring insight and healing but does not involve my direct interaction with your energetic and physical bodies like my other practices.

Do you record Akashic Records consultations?

No, but you are welcome to record sessions yourself.

Why do self-helps?

Self-helps, both from Jin Shin Jyutsu and the Embodied Energy System, support your continued harmony, accelerate your evolution, and empower you. Plus they make you sparkly!