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How to Obey Your Highest Authority

Tuesday, March 15, 2016
Written by:
Christy Johnson, Ph.D.
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“Obedience: What part of you is in charge? Be mindful of your inner knowing. Follow your deepest impulse with discipline and decisiveness.”*

With every thought you have, word you speak, and action you take, you obey something or someone. When you obey yourself and not external authority or outdated beliefs, your true self is the part of you in charge. To determine whether you follow your own authority, explore your information source. Your authentic self invites your head to support your heart and not vice versa. It feels like faith, trust, and ease even when faced with challenges. It also allows openness and appropriate vulnerability.

Connect to your inner knowing to sculpt your life around your authentic essence.

You have to know your highest authority to obey it. Clutter, both physical and energetic, can release when you tune into what matters to you. When you return to what you know, you can address real issues and direct your efforts efficiently and effectively. Plus mental, emotional, and even physical symptoms can unhook when you focus in the right place. You may connect to your knowing in meditation, in nature, by getting grounded, or perhaps through a healing modality. Explore getting to know yourself and find practices which support returning there.

Invite light-hearted discipline and decisiveness to support your highest authority.

To obey yourself, an action step, converts your knowing into aligned being and doing. Discipline may sound like deprivation but in fact it can concretize and cultivate what you want. I recently read a great article which recommended you “Savor your habits.” It becomes easy to obey your inner knowing when you love how it feels to stay aligned with yourself and the outcomes it produces. Feeling good makes discipline and decisiveness your allies. Mastery feeds greater mastery.

Do you find it harder to connect to your highest authority or to obey it? What supports making aligned choices?

*Obedience quote from The Original Angel Cards Book by Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake.


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