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Invite Harmony Via Your Astrological Phrase

Monday, August 17, 2015
Written by:
Christy Johnson, Ph.D.
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Note: To see correctly formatted tables for this post, please use this link: Blog post repairs are on-going.

In my blog post Align to Signs, I discussed how each astrological sign connects with a Jin Shin Jyutsu® (JSJ) acupressure organ flow self-help which will support you throughout your lifetime. Each sign also pairs with an astrological phrase. Your astrological phrase reveals a special gift you can leverage to overcome inner obstacles, including the JSJ attitude associated with your sign. Your greatest weakness unveils your strongest potential for growth.

SignJSJ Attitude

JSJ Organ FlowPhrase

GeminiWorryStomach“I think”CancerWorrySpleen“I feel”TaurusGrief/GuiltLarge Intestine“I have”AriesGrief/GuiltLung“I am”AquariusAngerGallbladder“I know”PiscesAngerLiver“I believe”LibraFearBladder“We balance”ScorpioFearKidney“I transform”VirgoPretenseSmall Intestine“I analyze”LeoPretenseHeart“I will”SagittariusTotal DespondencyDiaphragm“I perceive”CapricornTotal DespondencyUmbilicus“I use”

Worry: Gemini and Cancer

Excessive thinking and overwhelming feelings tend to create worry. As a Gemini, you can learn to transform worry by training yourself to think about now, not the future. Those born under the Cancer sign can learn to discern which actions and activities lead to feeling satisfaction and joy rather than overwhelm.

Grief and Guilt: Taurus and Aries

Fear of uncertainty, impermanence, and blame contribute to grief and guilt. To cultivate harmony, a Taurus can learn to tolerate change more readily via the astrological phrase “I have” to realize “I have what I need to cope.” An Aries stymied by grief or guilt can leverage their “I am” to see “I am equal to my life, I am enough.”

Anger: Aquarius and Pisces

Anger in JSJ arises from a fear of not getting what you want. An Aquarius can defuse anger through “I know” to invite “I know how to bring what will satisfy.” Through focusing on “I believe,” a Pisces can cultivate “I believe I can get what I want in life.”

Fear: Libra and ScorpioA Libra, the only sign with a “we” astrological phrase, can address fear by remembering connectedness. Likewise a Scorpio can transform fear into something more manageable, pulling back the veil on fear’s falseness.

Pretense: Virgo and Leo

Pretense attempts to alleviate a fear of abandonment. A Virgo leveraging their “I analyze” phrase can detect their mask of pretense, learning instead to reveal themselves authentically. Likewise a Leo can take their strong will and return to themselves despite lifelong conditioning to perform for others.

Total Despondency: Sagittarius and Capricorn

Total despondency can arise when feeling disconnected from the meaning of life and one’s own purpose. A Sagittarius can leverage their astrological phrase “I perceive” to realize where they find meaning and inspiration. As a Capricorn you can use spiritual tools to reveal your personal essence and orientation to the larger whole.

Does your astrological phrase resonate for you? How might you leverage it?

Note: For those of you who only read my blog posts in e-mail, I corrected an error in last week’s blog post where I transposed the hand positions for one of the JSJ self-helps. The line now reads “To further support your discernment, place your right hand on the top of your head and your left fingertips on your ‘third eye’ between your eyebrows.”


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