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Soul Evolution

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Go Be Brilliant

Thursday, June 18, 2020
Written by:
Christy Johnson, Ph.D.
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Sun and earth

Clearly the world needs all the brilliant people and their contributions it can get right now. We need a COVID vaccine, racial and gender equity, and smarter, more viable approaches to the many lingering problems on earth such as starvation and poverty. We can do this if we commit and take action. Human wiring allows us to problem solve, to boost self-awareness, and to evolve. Thank goodness for evolution!

These unprecedented times bring both crisis and opportunity. From an Akashic perspective, crises, whether personal or global, open the door to more love and compassion for ourselves and others. We stand at that doorway now, deciding what and how we proceed. In all the major crises currently activated, from racism to the pandemic plus its economic effect to the #metoo movement to the locust plague in Africa and in more issues both large and small, we can contribute by being ourselves, our best selves, and to honor why we incarnated.

We come here with specific aspirational agendas as souls and pick the perfect time to incarnate to optimize our soul-level learning. In addition, based on the work of Dr. Linda Howe, with whom I studied to become an Elite Certified Teacher of the Akashic Records, we elect every aspect of our lives, from our skin color to our family of origin at the life planning table prior to incarnation. While I don't believe we intentionally choose to suffer, I do believe we commit to life themes such as trust, abundance, and connection, and life rises to meet us to support our evolution on those themes. We incarnate intentionally because each of us as who we are brings something unique in all time and space, something essential to the whole.

So, for starters, we fellow humans need your smarts. Thorny problems often get addressed at the level of the mind. Intelligence also allows us to make good decisions about our health and well-being as well as that of all other beings on the planet. Plus our intelligence informs us about consequences of our actions, both the positive ones and the less so. Exercising your right to vote in the voting booth as well as the products and organizations you support represent further evidence of intelligence! In Jin Shin Jyutsu, Safety Energy Locks (SEL) 4 and 20 each support our brain function. SEL 20 is called "The Brain Specialist," in fact.

Humanity also needs your emotional intelligence. Being tone-deaf or heart-deaf to others never "worked," but these times make it imperative that we be and do differently. We need to tap into our empathy and awareness. The call to understand one another more deeply resounds louder than ever now. The Jin Shin Jyutsu gallbladder self-help supports mental-emotional harmony and the small intestine self-help supports warmth and receptivity to people, including ourselves. Many other holds can help us manage emotional overwhelm and find emotional equilibrium.

The world needs your spiritual brilliance as well. While at a spiritual level we are all one, humans historically relied on labels to differentiate and separate from each other. That division dehumanizes all of us and needs immediate attention and repair as seen by the chaos here in the US related to rampant racism. As spiritual beings, we lead the way in much-needed social change, by seeing what's possible, believing in it, and taking appropriate action. Jin Shin Jyutsu SEL 15 helps us dedicate to higher projects and the heart self-help connects us to the divine within ourselves, to mention a couple supports.

What can you, and we, do to remember to shine brilliance of all kinds into the world? Please comment, I'd love to hear your perspective.

Also, since March 2020, I've been hosting free Immunity in Community sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:30 P.M. Eastern time. I invite you to join us. Please e-mail me for the Zoom details.


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