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Give the Holidays the Finger

Monday, December 21, 2015
Written by:
Christy Johnson, Ph.D.
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Image of hand showing Jin Shin Jyutsu attitudes to harmonize

In fact, give the holidays every finger if necessary. According to Jin Shin Jyutsu® acupressure, each finger corresponds to an “attitude” or negative emotion. Holding the corresponding finger helps harmonize the emotion, allowing you to more mindfully choose how to respond to whatever triggers you. You can even hold your fingers unobtrusively while sitting at the holiday table.

When struggling emotionally, go on a WFAST (Worry-Fear-Anger-Sadness-Trying To). Around the holidays you may worry whether your uncle might pick another fight with your son or whether your brother might drink too much again or if you’ll manage to get all the cookies baked in time for the holiday goodie exchange at work. If you worry, harmonize by holding your thumb. You can either wrap each thumb, one at a time, with the fingers of your other hand or you can tuck each thumb into each fist. Did you overindulge at a holiday meal? Your thumb also helps with digestion and stomachaches.

Holiday fear could arise when you leave the house empty to go visit relatives or when you discover a travel alert once you arrive at the airport. To harmonize fear, hold your index finger. With the index and other fingers, you can either wrap your fingers of your other hand around the finger or create a circle with your thumb over the fingernail of the pertinent finger. Your index finger also invites relaxation and supports your metabolism.

Anger, the proverbial unwanted guest, crashes many holiday gatherings. Did she really just say that to you? Why can’t he chew with his mouth closed? Why does she always start arguments at the dinner table? Anger and frustration get harmonized by your middle finger, of course. Your middle finger also supports immunity, healthy relationships, and mental alertness.

Holidays may bring memories of departed loved ones or missed opportunities. Your ring finger harmonizes grief, guilt, and sadness. It also aids with breathing and letting go.

Holiday reality and fantasy sometimes collide at family get-togethers. You may expect, or at least crave, perfection from the holidays and yourself instead of the usual messiness. Hold your pinkie finger to ease pretense (appearing one way on the outside while feeling another way on the inside) and perfectionism. Your pinkie also supports laughter, a welcome antidote to holiday stress.

May your holidays be filled with peace, joy, and ease. If stress does surface, please remember the “gift” of your fingers combined with a few deep breaths.


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