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Accept Your Difficult Emotions, Love Yourself

Tuesday, March 8, 2016
Written by:
Christy Johnson, Ph.D.
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Negative emotions may feel like enemies. Some people experience their negative feelings too intensely, leading to overwhelm. Others find themselves unable or unwilling to feel their negative emotions at all. In my case, my family didn't discuss difficult emotions or express them overtly. I realize now my unrecognized emotions led to my cynical, sarcastic outlook in high school and also fed my judging mind. Although I evolved beyond most of this discomfort, my internal judgments linger, especially when it comes to my feelings.

See if you can avoid getting angry at your anger, saddened by your sadness, invalidated when you feel invalidation. My conditioning taught me my wants, needs, and feelings did not matter to the point they didn't even exist. For many years I discounted my anger, believing others experienced it but not me. As anger began to surface, I found myself getting angrier and angrier about the anger itself. Negative feelings alert you to what needs loving care. When I feel angry about continuously failing to meet others' unrealistic expectations, it doesn't make me a bad person, it makes me someone doing her best under difficult circumstances. I remind myself loving-kindness toward self and others supports everyone's highest good.

Several Jin Shin Jyutsu® (JSJ) acupressure self-helps support emotions in motion. Safety Energy Lock (SEL) 13 and the breathing flow (use high 19 and opposite high 1) both open you to your emotions. The First Method of Correction (hold high SEL 19) addresses stuck emotional energy and the Lung organ self-help invites emotional responsiveness. For emotional equilibrium, play with SEL 12, 13, 23, and/or 24. It also helps to release conditioning, karma, and soul contracts. Visualize holding them in your closed fist and then open your hand to drop them.

Were emotions in general or specific emotional states taboo in your family? Have you made peace with all emotions? How did you get there?


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Accept Your Difficult Emotions, Love Yourself
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How does a typical Energy Quartet session go?

We open with a 45 minute or so Akashic Records consultation. The revealed themes, patterns, and disharmonies drive the table work in conjunction with your "pulses," body reading, and my intuitive insights. A follow-up e-mail documents what occurs during the energy work and includes customized self-helps.

What should I wear to receive table work?

In this work, you remain fully clothed. Just wear whatever will feel comfortable while lying on my massage table. If it's a remote session, I'll ask you to rest while I send energy.

How do I prepare for a session?

Please consider the personal or interpersonal disharmony that led you to me and how you would like it to shift. During the session, we'll explore and address the origins and drivers of each "project."

Are the Akashic Records predictive?

No, the records aren’t a good resource for predictions. If there’s something you hope will happen, the records might reveal a series of necessary steps to reach your desired outcome but not the timing. For predictions, please consult a good psychic or astrologer!

Why can't children receive Akashic Records consultations?

Minors are under their parents' legal and energetic jurisdiction until they are 18, regardless of their maturity level.


The greatest benefit occurs when I incorporate all four modalities I practice. The option without the Akashic Records is appropriate for children under 18 who cannot receive readings. A stand-alone reading can bring insight and healing but does not involve my direct interaction with your energetic and physical bodies like my other practices.

Do you record Akashic Records consultations?

No, but you are welcome to record sessions yourself.

Why do self-helps?

Self-helps, both from Jin Shin Jyutsu and the Embodied Energy System, support your continued harmony, accelerate your evolution, and empower you. Plus they make you sparkly!